Day 14: Nocturna

Laying awake in the darkness alone

Beneath a sky blanketed bright by stars

Travelling light over such distance thrown

To dance across vision, stories unfold.

Beasts eyeing queens nearby hunters with scars

Young maidens enchained, seek those heroes bold

Saying how goes, as above so below.

The places we know, the faces were ours

Fading now softly in low eastern glow


Sonnet 326

What feature is there upon her face

Pulling my soul out into the night ?

The essence of dreams, set in plain sight

To lay where I lie, drifting in space

Seeking through darkness, shadows of grace

Leading me onward, fueling my light,

Settling course when drifting too right.

Spiralling in to reach her embrace.

Nestled in familiarity

What shall it be, singularity

Time shattered, then infinite lasting?

Or merely a fancy in passing

That forever keeps me fasting ?

Where Blows the Wind

winter wind whistles

blowing snow into grey boughs

swaying in the dark

undecided fate

offered by warring factions

calling her nightly

black moon setting

slowly guided by the sun

revealing night

often i wander

wondering among shadows

whither lay the mind

labyrinthine paths

set by demons eagerly

devouring peace

contemplating now

life unbound from destiny

jubilant seizure

loftily rising

aspirations of freedom

fed on sacrifice


Echoes of a face I long to see

Traces faded through shining black

Spirals twisting through opening cracks,

Dancing before me in liquid streams.

Features and freckles glowing serene.

Hearts vibration bouncing back

Emotion riding heavy, in fact.

Light reflecting through silver moonbeams.

Energy streams from the soil,

DNA squared, helix spinning coil.

Emerging life so pure in my sight,

Finding light, we’re shining, royal,

Feeling just right existing so bright,

Here in search of our heaven tonight.

Guest Post: Polly Princess Pretty Kitty

Today’s post comes to us from a member of the Fantastic 4, my sidekick on this wonderful Californian adventure. Her words are warm and embracing, you can literally feel the emotion as you read through.

In the Night

Happiness is waking up, in the middle of the night,

Without any reason.

Shifting around and feeling the warmth, of this body next to you.

Turning around and seeing them,

At their most peaceful, vulnerable state.

They breathe as though the weight of the world,

Lays upon only their arm.

Happiness is turning back around,

Feeling an involuntary grin,

Feeling an arm around your waist,

And knowing there is nothing in the world,

Better than this moment…