Night Deepens, Into Dawn

night rolls on slowly
wondering at this darkness
reflecting within

flower upon sound
caught in sensual swirling
eyes open revealed
devouring night
serpents of flame lick wildly
across the damp chill

joy upon faces
gathered in merriment
freely existing

muscles clenched tightly
yet fluid in motion
as heart dances free

harmony pervades when
our hearts sing their tune


Stone Mountains to Concrete Jungles

hidden in tree tops
airy orchestra
vocalising breeze

staring through sunshine
shimmering mirage, her face
breathlessly waiting

stillness of nature
softly reflecting eyes
gazing idly away

thick sticky droplets
dampening eager licking
whisps of carbon dust

gliding through bass beats
muscles tight across her back
waving emotion

between loving streams
interwoven webs tangle
yearning of heart

accepting kindness
gracious hosts invite progress
designing future


Flying Through the Shadows

Apologies for the infrequent posts lately, the Way has not been very accommodating to internet availability, although the flow has been quite abundant.

destiny calling

elemental ball control

dextrous grid fingers

desire beckons

spreading reality thin

washing away pain

crossed grid matrices

flowing under fractal feet

screaming across night

digital empire

reality cascading

outer dimensions

entranced by her light

collapsing into vision

melting together

of grateful actions

lovingkindness prevails for

distance matters not

struggling in place

emotion spilling over

missing their faces

vision clarified

mindful illusion erased

covering darkness


Haikus Returning to Night

daring spirit fueled

raw energy burning fast

upon sacred space

what face is her love

changing daily its facets

betraying intent


chaotically fulfilling


refining the edge

choosing to accept defeat

assuring progress

coldly ringing steel

gleaming before moistened eyes

reflecting lasers

artistic vision

knowing better in seeking

beauty incarnate

drawing low as sun

covering features save for

eyes shining below


Haikus From Captivity

transcending walls built

to protect not those within

but they who would not

flame spinning freely

collapsing awareness to

moments between breath

secret assassins

tasked with defeating death by

taking bold action

celebration now

new growth warmly embraced as

purpose unites minds

dystopic beats flow

shuddering aristocrats

confusingly grind

by our elders blessed

we blissfully voyage forth

plush cloud orbs through space

red moon space geisha

cave bass vibrates the dojo


lungs flowing freely

stress pulls aching muscles down

into still repose