Day 8: Her


Formless yet constantly present.

Elusive as energy in aether

Seen in so many places

But never all in the same.

Deeper than any one name

To ascribe the one keeping my flame.

In love with emotions archetype,

The soul to make mine whole.

The whispers in ear,

When I feel her so near

Drive my heart up to a boil.

I lose self and all the turmoil

I fly free, together we’re royal.

Mesmerised by her eyes

Adrift in her smile

We float on, mile, after mile, after mile.

Connected lips in pure bills

Eons pass in each kiss

Before waking

to find

I’m alone.



Sonnet 324

Regarding what truth you’ve been selling

Details no doubt placed in your favor,

To bolster the cry for a savior.

Still hiding the rage you were yelling,

Leaving chaos to my dispelling,

All over our joint ill behavior.

O the cause that brought us to waver.

Days now passed into memory lane.

Wishing it all could be as it was

Remembered words in action what does

It mean that the feelings still remain

Even though loving isn’t the same

Pieces of Our Whole

when seeking the light

did you know the pain to be real?

truth indeed doubted

though knowing the way

paths become obstructed by


numbed by emotion

poured into empty wells

struggle compounded

future neglected

arising from blindness;

our shared history

seeking her embrace

regretful of past action

words fail to explain

enforced by silence

lacking communication

is love’s blossom lost

when loneliness lies

outside the illusion

of what use freedom?

Back and Forth

Two voices, one poem, blended smoothly where possible in tune with the tone

A mind which can’t be read,

A heart with no tears left to shed.

Guided by blind intuition,

Swept up in breaths of intention.

Apologies from far off horizons

Emotions wrapped up in silence.

Who’s to catch me when I fall?

Who’s to soothe all the pain,

Providing comfort after rain?

Soaked from the cold,

Huddled and alone,

Staring into the darkness of a lost kiss,

Dripping tears, heavy hearts wander.

Awaiting reciprocity in vain,

Ticking time til they meet again.

Underachieving, losing the true peace.

Wrapped up in false moments

While time pushes forward.

Seeking the wind to fill sail

Else to be lost in travail.