Day 19: Sleep, A Sonnet

Keeper of most secret desire

Most elusive mistress of the night

Last solace and protector of light

Away from the evil eye of ire.

Comfort is found when dead tired

The place most hope to be free of fight

A realm where one ought feel their own might

Where safely burns the inner fire.

Oh to be there free, safe and dreaming,

Away from thoughts in my head screaming,

Keeping me up through cold winter chill

Always awake, save escape in pills,

Dulling the mind, so I choose to spend

Time laying asleep or so seeming



A Path

deepening coldness

of darkest night, in solace; 

hot tea, warm cookies

pain acutely felt

living among the burdens

of loose ends untied

bound by silver screen

imagination grounded

minus soul, escaping

direction clearly

invisible to shadow

seeking in learning


unfolding in ratios

beyond the divine

within each being

cries the voice of inner light

yearning for release

displaying one’s love

unafraid of consequence

path to happiness

Ukiyo-e Art, Japanese Art, Woodcut Old 11




As Layers Jettison

As the cold sets in, he retreats, seeking insulation from the bitter chill which dives deep within. This stoking of the inner flame, projects out, calling her name:


As the layers flake away

As black and white just rolls to gray 

The light shines through 

Essence there, seen true.

Past the pulsing in our eyes,

After the wildness goes inside,

Feeling rhythm getting smoother 

In silence we commune, pure.

Distant from the illusion

Combining inner fusion.

Paths laid but not directed,

Expecting unexpected.

Tying knots while lost in thoughts,

Set along to beating hearts,

Pressing close to feel relief,

Breathing shallow now, then deep.  

In restless arms, no sleep,

From bodies there, we leap.

Cascading across my eyes

Sizzling and radiant lines

Composed to show form 

Of love, of smiles, of night.

Vibrationally adjusted,

Avoiding fractal clusters,

Skipping through the beat

Freed by airy feet,

Together with hands in emotion,

Explosion, bringing forth ocean.

Sliding down waves, 

Getting high, off bass. 


Haiku Tuesday [oh no he didnt]

and now for something completely different… a foul mouthed round of 17:

i said eat it bitch

awaiting the slap to come

‘cross my dirty mouth

and back to the regular schedule;

fading into night

embraced by silent beauty

laying by my side

spatter pop fizzle

drizzle crack griddle flip flop

oh joys of breakfast

rolling tossing turned

around the world in a night

flight across the bed

eyes belie the smile

hidden behind her shoulder

candlelight flickers

smiles bursting in ink


excited to be