Day 16: Pushkin Sonnet

As I idle away in a daydream

Tracing the origins of emotion

An exercise to others that may seem

Excess, stems from a lack of devotion.

Whether believing in dest’ny or fate

In true reflections do we elevate

In moments when we create history

The motive of souls remain mystery

The way eyes sparkled & danced in the light

When she first planted love’s seed in my chest

The words unspoken, our journey, my quest.

Clearly there was something about that night

If not love at first sight, surely a start

A light in the dark, her place in my heart


Day 11: Kyrielle Sonnet

Moving through space darkest ocean

Orbs ever cast into motion

Elegant descriptions of dawn,

Oscillations of time and spin,

Dancing in the wild cosmic wind.

Summarising brief existence

Combining in spirit, twinned

Ripples of thought over distance,

Dancing in the wild cosmic wind

Acts expressed in pure devotion

Absolving from souls, fear & sin

Loving kindness, true emotion

Triumphantly spoken in song,

Dancing in the wild cosmic wind

Day 9: Ivorian Sonnet

Though it may seem an illusion in kind
Opulent decoration of mind
The feeling which frequent arises
Gathered in clouds among starless nights
When fast silence stills small contrivance.
Dispensing in petty collections
From pedestals crafted upon air
In words without meaning, connection.
Wounds opened with pleasure, to fester.
Summon demons to render surprises
Sacred teachings encoding design
Hewn stone inner form protected layer
Elegant escape into flights
Seeking peace on the path to completion

Day 7: German Sonnet

She to his hand did fly like a glove

as together they made out unknowing

the path. Moving on ever flowing

cast about the battlefield of love,

huddled beneath, a coldness growing

of some ill intentioned idleness

driven by lust to give final twist.

A venomous nature now showing

now duly marked. Unable to miss

in the glory of egoic gain,

she refuses defeat, he the pain.

That ignorance did blossom to this

These memories washed away in rain,

moving on now but no one’s the same.

Day 3: Cyhydedd Fer

                    – Up On Ocean

Vast, open, alone, filled with pain

Full memories held for no gain

From burdens which dampen true light

Onward, now rushing, into fights

To remove insecurity

Quest in a life of purity

Outer illusions, always steal,

Fighting for truth, but is it real?

Heed no call but that from within.

Set course true, don’t follow wind

Devising each ladder to climb

Expanding in reach through all time

To glimpse paths past polarity,

Left in moment’s celerity.

Aubade Acrostic

Day One of the 2015 A to Z Challenge

An pair of sonnets, in Alfred Dorn & Arabic form:

morning —

Every time that light climbs up, to lie,

Drifting o’er the rosy horizon,

Peeping through the window of my room

A stir, feeling around there, to here, I sighed

at the pillow, not to arise then

Rather to dive deep into the bloom

lapsing lucidly between dreams, sweet,

where not alone, I am, in these sheets.

Taking flight throughout all space sans time

Mounted so oft upon elephant

Through universes far, near and wide

Created, merkabah, propellant

Gliding along ways seeking her side,

Opened eyes, materialise, in essence

                                                      abstract —

Above all causes of expression

Beyond the most distant dimension

Staring into dawn of ascension

Tearing down opposite dissension

Realising the forest from leaves

Amid high mountains twisting the breeze

Collapsing energetic waves freeze

Time, as it collapses and he sees

Illusions set forth from within deep

Octaves of perception, whence they creep

Not aware of stillness, lost to sleep,

Into reality seeking light

Spreading darkness, to their own delight

Trying to extinguish one so bright

Sonnet 326

What feature is there upon her face

Pulling my soul out into the night ?

The essence of dreams, set in plain sight

To lay where I lie, drifting in space

Seeking through darkness, shadows of grace

Leading me onward, fueling my light,

Settling course when drifting too right.

Spiralling in to reach her embrace.

Nestled in familiarity

What shall it be, singularity

Time shattered, then infinite lasting?

Or merely a fancy in passing

That forever keeps me fasting ?