Meaning of the Void

masked by wording

drawn over reality,

illusions prevail

influencing bliss

counterintuitive hits

cast doubt on feeling

in memoriam

extrapolating blueprints

defining life’s plan

beyond the knowing

in blindness of faith’s bosom

awakening truth

spreading myths of man

imprisoning hidden truth

as one, we are gods

inner existence

circles propagating squares

expanded outward

delivered from reality

by mind’s infinite vision

the soul wanders free


Layers Flow

Interested, interesting

What I find in my mind.

Constant questing, never ending

Seeks to bridge the soul divide.

Freed from greed unleashed desire,

Meditation take us higher;

All the places that we missed

lay awake in seas of grace,

Infinite awareness

higher levels of our shared bliss.

Combinations permutating

as the moon goes waxing by,

Inner nations strained relations

as we wane into the night

the stars ascend to us

embodiment of dust.

Hyperbolic – gods to trust.

Just listen, shake the rust

The inner light will shine.

Cosmic blossom so divine

Within the truth return

Eternal youth to be regained

Living life all one & same

Soul Sonnet

Hidden deep within each of us
A part which ought to be so pure,
Magical, spellbinding allure.
Cosmic in view, given on trust,
Experience driven, it must
Be the light which called on leads sure
Along the path, that we endure.
Outside of time, sacred stardust,
Freed from the sin, weighing young hearts.
Chased by evil ones without care,
Who relish in stopping new starts.
Abused til it can only stare,
Bottled, throttled, not safe in smarts.
Oh when will it truly be free?

Inside the Cold, I Burn

brawling souls unleashed

projecting inner darkness

into love’s lesson

knowing the nothing

essential clarity

unfolding in waves

detached awareness

suppressing desire, for

art’s pure expression

beyond attraction

false polarity ensues

seeking the untruth

bound in icicles

direct focus maintained by

persistence of will

honor your mind

with simple clarity of thought

provided here, free

houses built of light

beating in time with our heart

as bodies go boom

Set on Staring

What is it when we look into the eyes of another that captivates us so? Where do we go when we stare into the abyss of someone else? A pair here on this thought:

Venus rises, sure surprises.

As autumn leaves turn in the trees.

Moon shining bright in pure delight,

As Saturn stares, relieving the cares.

Waves lap at knees, incensed by the breeze,

Weakening my knees as her eyes say please.

Cool ocean air blows through her hair.

Then sun fades down low,

And lips gently begin to flow.


Sunrays filtered

     through his eyes.

As his mind strives

     for the prize.

Into the depths

     of untold lies.

Beyond the shadows

     of this guise.

Past the sound

     of fear, he cries.

As energy poured

     into his mind