Blinded in Illusion

idols created

out of oppressing spirit

that all remain blind


over false idols serving

oppressors of mind

dead yet filled with life

gathering insects hover

above seas of death

powerful action

taken to remedy loss

encourages good

against evil conflict

peace overcomes only when

united in love

fueled by ambition

legendary runaways

lost depravity

choosing proper course

remains difficult among

evil influence


From the Depths of Hell

inviting darkness

now etched into willing minds

seeking only peace

treachery her play

in the name of loving what

could not be attained

staring through the lies

receding from truth to light

backward attraction

unlikely hero

broken forth from the abyss

seeking only life

gorged on suffering

their dark manifestation

promises nothing

broken reflections

scattered across the cosmos

as I stand alone

rivers cascading

over open fields of green

into opal mountains

Soul Sonnet

Hidden deep within each of us
A part which ought to be so pure,
Magical, spellbinding allure.
Cosmic in view, given on trust,
Experience driven, it must
Be the light which called on leads sure
Along the path, that we endure.
Outside of time, sacred stardust,
Freed from the sin, weighing young hearts.
Chased by evil ones without care,
Who relish in stopping new starts.
Abused til it can only stare,
Bottled, throttled, not safe in smarts.
Oh when will it truly be free?

Defeating Darkness, Cold Arises

lower vibration

energetically binding

our higher essence

silence speaks volumes

opening eyes to the bliss

of imagining

fear choking voices 

our true ways are forgotten

lost within its grasp

allowing blindness

difficulty arising

the struggle is real

personal eden

becoming tortuous realm,

failing to be shared

observing the fault

difficult first step, before

realising truth

boundless the vision

working in harmony that

pure life is attained