Day 11: Knowledge

Not such as facts remembered

Or so much data clogging the mind.

These shields hide ignorance

Of existence.

Beyond numbers & figures

Clung to and held

Above a whole world.

Awaiting discovery


Secured only in moments

When the truth is revealed.

The true seed of wisdom.

Pure essence of the gods.

Seeing what needs to be shown

Intelligent analysis of emotion

Gained falling past what we know,

Combining to what we become..


Day 3: Control

Living a life free from desire

So easily said but painfully done.

Of urges that bind one to the mire

Of chasing dreams cast upon screens

Casting their sickly glow over life.

Illusion at the helm of this vessel

Tossing over seas on this level

Reigning in that which we wish to prosper

While fighting to keep our intention pure.

Grounded within by discipline.

Only the strong remain steadfast.

Seeking to create new from the past.

An image in mind, blossoming kind,

Held by the spectre of invisible hands

Creating scarcity, incessant demands

Over time, space and thought.

While those wiser sit uncaught

Yet held by their own demons.

The bindings unsimilar but bear the same name.





Sonnet 314

 Heavy the clouds that sit over high

Lifted the rain but sky remains gray

Bubbles of thought that come under sway.

Drifting then caught, repressed with a sigh.

Action unfurled, as questions ask why

Tomorrow’s promise flows from today.

Sequences, patterns, all comes that may,

Expressions, impressions, emotional cry.

Separated from nature within

As our planet still slowly does spin.

Not ignorant of her children’s woes,

Seeking to guide a path where light shows

Out of the darkness, into life’s flow.

Remembering, in lak’ech ala k’in.





Sunday Fading Fast

In a daze of idle ways,

passing days in singing praise.

Pure creation, thought formation,

Operation: live life art.

Once began, forever spanned,

universes arising from nil.

From on high ivory towers,

dropping bombs to release brains

full of light, may seem insane.

Released from hell, now ring that bell,

Players tried & hung for their crime,

creating games for profit.

But now they’ve seen, we’re past the screen,

learning how to fly.

The living dream, reality seen.

Eyes open, the futures regained.