Day 18: Regret

I’ll never say I’m sorry

It would only be a lie

A hollow line for peace of mind

To stop your streaming tears.

In action I was flawed

Of hurt you took the brunt.

But to apologise

To make you smile

Would kill me deep inside.

I won’t suffer the blame

For a game we both played.

What we did was right

The shame, you left that night.

As I alone, was left in cold,

Both far away from home.




Glowing Beneath Darkness

embers slowly burn

as gazing into the flames

i recall her love

images of past

forgotten moments unearthed

inspire future

cosmic energy

expressing divinity

through shadows of night

dazzling brightness

broken by ghostly outlines

caught in gentle wind

discovering truth

our minds awaken, turning

darkness into light

it’s all happening

reactions flowing after

releasing the mind

spirit flows freely

through whispering stardust

embodying life


Day 11: Knowledge

Not such as facts remembered

Or so much data clogging the mind.

These shields hide ignorance

Of existence.

Beyond numbers & figures

Clung to and held

Above a whole world.

Awaiting discovery


Secured only in moments

When the truth is revealed.

The true seed of wisdom.

Pure essence of the gods.

Seeing what needs to be shown

Intelligent analysis of emotion

Gained falling past what we know,

Combining to what we become..

Day 6: Forgive

Try as we may to live in truth

Sometimes the light is blinding.

But in that brightness we’re finding,

The pain we can quickly remove,

Ruffled feathers can be smoothed.

Mastering arts of timing,

Can be learned just like rhyming,

Biding the time to make moves.

Know that there is something more

To be gained showing feeling,

Else to be trapped concealing.

Save slings and arrows for war

Growth can be more revealed when

We come together for healing.




Day 3: Deceit

Awake in the darkness of night

Thoughts become aware

Did you care?

Hidden behind smiling lips

A scheming mind filled up with tricks.

Cooking up dishes served cold

What made you feel so goddamned bold?

Inducing emotion just to smother

As you run to the arms of another.

Thinking that I’d be so blind,

Turning our love into crime,

Hunting me down from the start,

Playing the keys of my heart.

All the ways you amazed

To leave me just dazed

Like a mouse in the grasp of a cat.

But plainly what you failed to see

Was that I’ll always be free.

The gift I’ve been given is wisdom

Knowing that playing I’ll win some

And lose others, as I hover,

Free as a bird in the sky.







Sonnet 324

Regarding what truth you’ve been selling

Details no doubt placed in your favor,

To bolster the cry for a savior.

Still hiding the rage you were yelling,

Leaving chaos to my dispelling,

All over our joint ill behavior.

O the cause that brought us to waver.

Days now passed into memory lane.

Wishing it all could be as it was

Remembered words in action what does

It mean that the feelings still remain

Even though loving isn’t the same

Bitter the Bite

Everything that you want

Is anything that I have

Except for pure emotion,

That I’ll keep in my hand.

Foolish, taking command,

From someone so bland

What a shame that it’s this,

I’d rather the fist,


Than sit in a cell where you dwell.

So proud, so haughty,

Thinking it ought to be,

That she would attain

Anything else, this low plane

Where life lives in twain.

Separated from truth,

Existence aloof.

Not desiring pain,

Not growing in sane,

Fleeing from feeling

Which isn’t appealing

Building foundations of lies.

No surprise when traps set

Just sit there, unmet,

Praying that prey may dive in.

Upsetting to think that the wind

Could be so easily won;

Not captured in bars,

The frontiers so far,

Cosmic the reach of the flow.

Wallowing, poor kitten pours,

Of the feeling, being hatred, on toward,

A swallow sings, opening door.

Giving life, not the one he’d adored