Night Deepens, Into Dawn

night rolls on slowly
wondering at this darkness
reflecting within

flower upon sound
caught in sensual swirling
eyes open revealed
devouring night
serpents of flame lick wildly
across the damp chill

joy upon faces
gathered in merriment
freely existing

muscles clenched tightly
yet fluid in motion
as heart dances free

harmony pervades when
our hearts sing their tune


As Layers Jettison

As the cold sets in, he retreats, seeking insulation from the bitter chill which dives deep within. This stoking of the inner flame, projects out, calling her name:


As the layers flake away

As black and white just rolls to gray 

The light shines through 

Essence there, seen true.

Past the pulsing in our eyes,

After the wildness goes inside,

Feeling rhythm getting smoother 

In silence we commune, pure.

Distant from the illusion

Combining inner fusion.

Paths laid but not directed,

Expecting unexpected.

Tying knots while lost in thoughts,

Set along to beating hearts,

Pressing close to feel relief,

Breathing shallow now, then deep.  

In restless arms, no sleep,

From bodies there, we leap.

Cascading across my eyes

Sizzling and radiant lines

Composed to show form 

Of love, of smiles, of night.

Vibrationally adjusted,

Avoiding fractal clusters,

Skipping through the beat

Freed by airy feet,

Together with hands in emotion,

Explosion, bringing forth ocean.

Sliding down waves, 

Getting high, off bass. 


Stone Mountains to Concrete Jungles

hidden in tree tops
airy orchestra
vocalising breeze

staring through sunshine
shimmering mirage, her face
breathlessly waiting

stillness of nature
softly reflecting eyes
gazing idly away

thick sticky droplets
dampening eager licking
whisps of carbon dust

gliding through bass beats
muscles tight across her back
waving emotion

between loving streams
interwoven webs tangle
yearning of heart

accepting kindness
gracious hosts invite progress
designing future