Glowing Beneath Darkness

embers slowly burn

as gazing into the flames

i recall her love

images of past

forgotten moments unearthed

inspire future

cosmic energy

expressing divinity

through shadows of night

dazzling brightness

broken by ghostly outlines

caught in gentle wind

discovering truth

our minds awaken, turning

darkness into light

it’s all happening

reactions flowing after

releasing the mind

spirit flows freely

through whispering stardust

embodying life



Inside the Cold, I Burn

brawling souls unleashed

projecting inner darkness

into love’s lesson

knowing the nothing

essential clarity

unfolding in waves

detached awareness

suppressing desire, for

art’s pure expression

beyond attraction

false polarity ensues

seeking the untruth

bound in icicles

direct focus maintained by

persistence of will

honor your mind

with simple clarity of thought

provided here, free

houses built of light

beating in time with our heart

as bodies go boom