Day 8: Huitan

Red skies delight in cascading

Great wisps of foam o’er the horizon.

Reached out, repelledĀ in uprising,

dark waves under rays in parade.

folding in echoes of shade

A long trail of sky opens wide

Shining darkly pulsars slow fade

In faraway closeness through tide


Sonnet 123

If you want me then inspire please.

Show me your flame, in unique fashion,

Make your life art, be an assassin,

Be as the wind that flows through the trees,

Give me intention, what sets you free?

Striving ahead to live in passion,

When the world stops, when it’s all crashing,

How deep runs the well, flowing from the sea?

Depressed when I can’t find the rhyme,

Liberating expressions of mind.

A galaxy set out on pages,

With building blocks given by sages.

Projection of sequences prime,

Each stroke bringing closer the divine.

Haiku Tuesday (Forming Figments)

curling strand of hair

falls across her face, gently

speaking to my soul

morning light drifing

through singing birds in dark trees

signs of a new day

forged in summers heat

connections for life made of

eternal sunshine

deft the painters stroke

sweeping across his canvas

creating new worlds

glimmers of faces

outside recognition to

visions of past lives

jellyfish wishes

it could float through the air, as

propelled by bubbles