Day 10: The Journey

Footfalls as questions

Destinations as answers

Pitfalls of chance, traps of desire

Attacks upon fires we tend.

Lessons we learn in the way.

A path all must tread

It goes on without end.

Seldom we know where it leads

Solutions to be found in just being.

Drifting among all the levels

Embracing the core of ourselves.

For surely as we fit into roles,

Square pegs will be found in round holes.

Relationships ebb and flow

Surely as water does go

Casualties in love, reflections of heart

Life’s intricate dance

The story of romance.

So be in love with the world,

Ride with banner unfurled.

And always remember the roses.



Layers Flow

Interested, interesting

What I find in my mind.

Constant questing, never ending

Seeks to bridge the soul divide.

Freed from greed unleashed desire,

Meditation take us higher;

All the places that we missed

lay awake in seas of grace,

Infinite awareness

higher levels of our shared bliss.

Combinations permutating

as the moon goes waxing by,

Inner nations strained relations

as we wane into the night

the stars ascend to us

embodiment of dust.

Hyperbolic – gods to trust.

Just listen, shake the rust

The inner light will shine.

Cosmic blossom so divine

Within the truth return

Eternal youth to be regained

Living life all one & same

Sightseer’s Flow

A good thing about knowing a lot of producers/djs is having a lot of music to draw from for these sessions. This latest features a track off the new album Anywhere People from my good friend Edamame. Again the way this one works is start the track at the bottom then the numbers in the text indicate timescale.


My words create reality

Each thought is a submission

Entering into the world

Its hybrid nuclear fission.

Elemental, blending sounds

Awaiting their conclusion.

The past is gone and future’s clear

Each moment in position.

The here we found, with time unbound

Leads onward, if we listen

Truth of the matter, watch it scatter

Like snowflakes gently glisten

Seen the strife, that’s part of life

We’d all gladly omit it

It’s die or live with all the knocks

Reveling in the paradox.



Intergalactic what attracts it

The methods in the madness

Built up on love, the sky above

A ground all covered in sadness.

Pushing feet like pulling teeth

Resistant, stuck in blandness

Diving inside, just free your mind

Embrace the inner grandness.

Eternal youth, eternal truth

You know it’s in the plan this,

Who we want to be,

What we want to see

Measured desire, take you higher, don’t hope aimlessly,

Life like a rope, but dont let it choke

Air most precious gift god gave us

Controlling voice, what’s your choice

Take the tools, like the fool

Make magic out of nothing

Realise what’s inside

Bring the image from your mind

Let it rise like sun it shines

Out of sight its inner rhyme

Edamame keepin time

While i flow this. maybe bogus

But the solution’s only mine

Livin life up on the grind

seeking solace in metropolis

While the worlds asleep I go real deep

and then maybe call it conscious.


Maybe blindness,

An Experiment

Going to try out a new concept here that I’ve been wanting to pursue. Basically just taking beats that move me &  putting up some verse to go along with it. Ill throw in the time signatures so you can get an idea of the cadence. This first one goes at a bit of a machine gun pace, which well matches my mood this evening. Cheers


why can’t it be seen,

in pure liquid stream?

I’m just blowin steam

in the rhyming scheme.

too much time for pain

not enough for change.

living life so fast you,

know this ish won’t last.

it’s time to break on free

it’s time to live that dream

i know that there is  more,  ’cause I’ve seen it be

we gotta live in love

we’ll  fly in skies above

beyond the face of things

damn it  all just makes me scream

all the waste, all the hate

gotta change, let’s elevate,

the mind, free yourself from time

before your ass end up in pine

find your song & let it shine

never let them say its crime

got so high i lost my mind

better that than lost to cash

i know at least that i will last

the beast is cash

the beast is cash

i will outlast



never cared ’bout the rat race

always gone by my own pace

wouldn’t you just love a taste?

I’m beasting kings  just call me ace,

building scenes, a whole new place

it’s here inside, called outer space

once you’re there it feels so great

the magic clear , don’t hesitate

we all are god so lets create

before time runs out &  its too late.

the greedy pigs cant shake us down

we’ll drown em in the clouds of loud

then go in for the triple crown


love light & peace, freedom released

ain’t y’all sick of being sheep

trapped in pens, so dead asleep?

so come on now, uplift those brows,

open eyes, and stand up proud

the time is now so stand your ground

’cause when it happens, some gon drown

but some gon float, so be up on that boat

stack the bricks, do your part


show em your heart, live life art,

live life art

make your mark

through the dark

live life art

Out of the Rabbit Hole

feeling light, airy
problems with hapiness now
outside the darkness

quiet country roads
graces of life lived slowly,
simplicity, charm

loves pure vibration
bursting in waves through my chest
as water blurs sight

smiles shining bright
rolling seas of ecstasy
within this spaced craft

her awareness low
seeking traces of his path
scattered in aether

these long-scattered souls
bodily reunited
reality shifts

defeat of anger
enabled by the silence
of observation


Haiku Tuesday Seeking Solace Edition

arising each day

seeking your tender smile

echoing my heart

seated below shade

gazing idly at shadows

a world comes to life

lacking in body

radiance clearly present

shining as water

the mendicant priest

through awareness of presence

showers his blessings

a temple of love

crafted by our souls

dancing in the light

delicate fingers

sliding along rosewood frets

beauty ringing clear

A Sparkling

Feels good to be back in a rhythm posting daily again, I sincerely hope it has been as enjoyable for my readers as for me. The inspiration is running high these days and it seems the sparks are spreading. We open with a poem written by a dear friend, with whom I have had the privilege of experimenting many of life’s [mis]adventures with. It took many admonishments to finally get it out of him but here it is:


Most lavish thirst, long tried and true

A monument to skies of blue

So decadent a heart that sings

Such a treasure trove of warmth it brings

Illustrious, shimmering, blinding rays

A testament to better days

More so than not, we know not the cost

One knows not just what one lost

Come and gone, a stinging wrath

Ever onward, this gloomy path

A toll is paid, each names its price

Soaked in bitter, with blood like ice

The anguish slows from the pouring hearts

The clots form over the new parts

In all the chaos, infinite ions

Such carnal passion, the roar of lions

Issued forth deep from the Earth

Glistening dawn, a brand new birth

A sound will echo with each shut door

To turn around and love once more


and taking him up on the spark, I present the following:


A path we seek with kindness

Wrought from solid diamonds

Each step a choice we make

Each turn a path we take

Sometimes we follow maps

Even when laid with traps

Yet onward must we go

There always is a flow

To all the things we see

To who we choose to be

The sweetness and the bitter

A seasons grow and wither

Until we reach the mountains peak

To sit there and with others speak

About the lives we’ve lived

Whether we gave all there was to give

As we passed through time, like a sieve