Sonnet 326

What feature is there upon her face

Pulling my soul out into the night ?

The essence of dreams, set in plain sight

To lay where I lie, drifting in space

Seeking through darkness, shadows of grace

Leading me onward, fueling my light,

Settling course when drifting too right.

Spiralling in to reach her embrace.

Nestled in familiarity

What shall it be, singularity

Time shattered, then infinite lasting?

Or merely a fancy in passing

That forever keeps me fasting ?


Haikus From Captivity

transcending walls built

to protect not those within

but they who would not

flame spinning freely

collapsing awareness to

moments between breath

secret assassins

tasked with defeating death by

taking bold action

celebration now

new growth warmly embraced as

purpose unites minds

dystopic beats flow

shuddering aristocrats

confusingly grind

by our elders blessed

we blissfully voyage forth

plush cloud orbs through space

red moon space geisha

cave bass vibrates the dojo


lungs flowing freely

stress pulls aching muscles down

into still repose




Through the night do they shine,

Scattered among a sea of black.

Singing songs beyond time,

Pouring light into every crack

Beyond words set to rhyme

Seeing so far while looking back

Twinkling homes of the divine,

Set in motion on ancient tracks,

Sparks that light the seeking mind.

Eternal fire burning sans slack.

Space is the place

Infinite spirals twisting in the wind

Starlight flowing on with no end

Photon flashes up around the bend.

Wrapping ribbons over layers of stars

Passing miasma of dust collect afar

Slowly swirling into suns

Patient furnaces burning on

Radiant light whence life begun

Played out on a sea of possibility

and an Ode to the Dancefloor:

All the nights awash in lights

Bodies bathed in heavenly glory

Melody playing and telling our story

Just don’t let the track stop rolling

Eyes glistening, thighs whispering,

Impelled by the beat of the drums