Another Ladder

Another collaborative effort from the square roundtable of the Fantastic 4:

…And so they waited

For life to be illustrated.

Tell me what is so amazing

In that place we see.

Dreams together so sweetly

Way out past the clouds.

Flowing together our bodies,

Like milky butter cream

Dancing on prismatic feathers

Into the sky, oh my.

So happy we could die, 

As fears just glide on by.


    and another short interlude inspired by the magic that is an ipod on shuffle:

Music is my medication,

Melody my bowl,

Harmonically unfolding 

Into brave new worlds. 

Dancing with desire, 

Dreaming souls conspire,

To live life in its fullest

To be true to those closest.

Escaping from the fears

Removing painful tears.

The past is always present,

Even if we resent it. 

So go on all you lovers,

Lay safe beneath your covers.

Spend your days in peace,

Live free and be released. 



Lost & Found

An older set, found in a lost notebook in a found hiding place. Funny how we find the things we’ve misplaced just when we need them.

I feel as though

I’ve always loved you.

Although I hardly even know you.

Was it the sparkle in your smile,

Was it the twinkle in your eye,

That drew me to you?

I can habour no lies.

Will I ever see you,

Through these loving eyes

Of mine

Will you accept me,

In those twinkling eyes

Of yours

I love to hold you in my arms,

When you touch me it sets off alarms.

You wriggle at my touch

So pleasing that, so much

When I look into your eyes,

There is no fear or lies.

That quality of your heart

Attracted me from the start

So come take my hand,

We’ll go to a land

Where the only thing to do

Is sit, and talk to you

Folded Together

Another poem made late into the hours of the night after a wonderful evening of dancing and revelry. A game we try to play, folded words on paper that come and go, into the flow.


Words that just won’t come together,

But then again, birds fly, on their feathers.

Like 8am clouds, grey as heather,

They carry on, no matter the weather.

Always looking forward, never dwelling

On the past. Past is the present,

Present is living.

Future is always a new adventure.

So, keep moving forward,

Never look back.

Let your heart stay light

As your mind takes flight.

Always keep a goal, in sight.

A positive mind is key.

So gather round and listen ye,

Travelers, lovers and animals.