Day 7: German Sonnet

She to his hand did fly like a glove

as together they made out unknowing

the path. Moving on ever flowing

cast about the battlefield of love,

huddled beneath, a coldness growing

of some ill intentioned idleness

driven by lust to give final twist.

A venomous nature now showing

now duly marked. Unable to miss

in the glory of egoic gain,

she refuses defeat, he the pain.

That ignorance did blossom to this

These memories washed away in rain,

moving on now but no one’s the same.


Day 9: Imagination

Seeking the something unmade,

Revealing the thoughts on the page,

A vision without any end

Making the colours all blend

Worlds that would not otherwise be.

Covering myriads of media to see

Strokes of emotions in bold

Or otherwise some quite untold.

A spark of the divine,

The image in the mind,

Captured for all to behold.

Translations of pure human soul.

Day 5: elemental

Ancient alchemy in a digital age,
Seeking solution let’s turn the page
Quests fueled by inner fire driven high on soul desire,
Seek a level of rare air, pure victory so fair
Washing layers of illusion off  earth that binds
Protecting truth from evil banter
Leaving emotion & thoughts unkind
Seen the green come off the vine
To be inspired just release the mind.