Haiku Tuesday [The Saga Begins]


time swirling in slow motion

seen gazing skyward

a hazy night sky

glimpses of pearly whiteness

glowing in deep red

echoes of laughter

experiencing each breath

bonded together

from cold solitude

blossoming brotherhood of

ancient ninja souls

following the way

leading to higher purpose

strokes under midnight

words among firelight

ignite embers in the mind

seeding new ideas

paradise occurs

stepping forth boldly outside



Western Promises

Thought you were wild,

The way that you smiled.

With gleaming eyes staring,

As if preparing,

For life in the west;

A bold vision quest.

Seeking out life,

Out of the hype.

A city made of gold

But only for those bold

Enough to see past fake,

Through hazy eyes awake.

Into streaming dreams

Bursting at the seams.

With infinite wishes,

Immeasurable wishes,

Paid for with kisses

So sad that you’ll miss it


Starting with my favourite mantra, let’s see where it takes us today…

Stop, breathe, believe

What’s in your mind to achieve

Mostly just needs belief.

When the chaos surrounds

and the worlds’s upside down

Just imagine the place

Of pure centered space.

Focused, the mind sees

Past untruths and falsities.

In tune with that grace,

I find on her face.

Causality becomes casualty

Infinite loops spinning by.

When time’s not a line,

Our memories entwine

Sensing light from afar

As we glide way past Mars.