Mirror Sonnet

In warmth of morning feeling colder,

Wondering what became of the sass,

Youthful vigour, and downright panache.

Weighed by life, compressed upon shoulder.

The face before me growing older.

Staring now blankly into the glass

Yet within, spirit fire doth smolder.

Inner fusion designed to outlast.

Shared creativity as the goal

Projected expansion, know the role.

Shadow retreating, yet there’s still fight

Only darkness can reveal the light

Breaking through dawn, striving toward night

If not together how shall we know?


Haiku Tuesday Under Heavy Clouds

a distant roaring

ebbing daily as the moon

nightly sheds her light

gliding through midair

momentarily stopping

consuming essence

words catalyzing

outer manifestation

of wishes divine

breaching the mirror

displays only reflections

of past silhouettes

thundering ego

seeks satisfaction

repressing lightness

lightspeed warmth flowing

coronal mass ejection

through distant vacuum

winds blowing stronger

across darkening night skies

inner storms howling


Escaping duality not what it seems

Erasing the part that cries out & screams

Seeking the truth, inside of the mind

Denying the faults that once had been mine

A cowering ego, lost in the fight

For radiant beauty, the being of light.

Beyond the boundary of transient verbs,

Into the unknown, a world without words.

pastel/charcoal on clayboard