Day 8: Huitan

Red skies delight in cascading

Great wisps of foam o’er the horizon.

Reached out, repelled in uprising,

dark waves under rays in parade.

folding in echoes of shade

A long trail of sky opens wide

Shining darkly pulsars slow fade

In faraway closeness through tide


Above the Clouds

not fearing coldness

for even if there is snow

the sun sometimes shines

questions fueling dark

colossal space nebulae

quickly approaching

bathed in unreal hues

bountiful hearts echo

embracing sunshine

souls reaping harvest

of ill living energy

sustaining their growth

removing all doubt

pure sensory awareness

gliding through motions

completing actions

embracing simplicity 

path to life’s freedom

designing the signs

meant for awakening eyes

transmitting new bliss

Sunday Fading Fast

In a daze of idle ways,

passing days in singing praise.

Pure creation, thought formation,

Operation: live life art.

Once began, forever spanned,

universes arising from nil.

From on high ivory towers,

dropping bombs to release brains

full of light, may seem insane.

Released from hell, now ring that bell,

Players tried & hung for their crime,

creating games for profit.

But now they’ve seen, we’re past the screen,

learning how to fly.

The living dream, reality seen.

Eyes open, the futures regained.

An Unfolding

Destroy to create,

Forget about fate.

Beyond time lay infinity,

True destiny, so blessed see?

Harnessed power of numbers

Fractal expression come under

Palm of your hand,

World at your command.

Quantum leaps, easy feats,

Once you gain the belief.

Run through the illusion,

Realise inner fusion

Power sustains.

Expand open brains

Watch it pour just like rains

Open arms embraced pain,

Took all negativity,

Saw in it, possibility

The future space race

Galactic pace, grace


Echoes of a face I long to see

Traces faded through shining black

Spirals twisting through opening cracks,

Dancing before me in liquid streams.

Features and freckles glowing serene.

Hearts vibration bouncing back

Emotion riding heavy, in fact.

Light reflecting through silver moonbeams.

Energy streams from the soil,

DNA squared, helix spinning coil.

Emerging life so pure in my sight,

Finding light, we’re shining, royal,

Feeling just right existing so bright,

Here in search of our heaven tonight.


Through the night do they shine,

Scattered among a sea of black.

Singing songs beyond time,

Pouring light into every crack

Beyond words set to rhyme

Seeing so far while looking back

Twinkling homes of the divine,

Set in motion on ancient tracks,

Sparks that light the seeking mind.

Eternal fire burning sans slack.