Day 16: Pushkin Sonnet

As I idle away in a daydream

Tracing the origins of emotion

An exercise to others that may seem

Excess, stems from a lack of devotion.

Whether believing in dest’ny or fate

In true reflections do we elevate

In moments when we create history

The motive of souls remain mystery

The way eyes sparkled & danced in the light

When she first planted love’s seed in my chest

The words unspoken, our journey, my quest.

Clearly there was something about that night

If not love at first sight, surely a start

A light in the dark, her place in my heart


Day 9: Ivorian Sonnet

Though it may seem an illusion in kind
Opulent decoration of mind
The feeling which frequent arises
Gathered in clouds among starless nights
When fast silence stills small contrivance.
Dispensing in petty collections
From pedestals crafted upon air
In words without meaning, connection.
Wounds opened with pleasure, to fester.
Summon demons to render surprises
Sacred teachings encoding design
Hewn stone inner form protected layer
Elegant escape into flights
Seeking peace on the path to completion

Layers Flow

Interested, interesting

What I find in my mind.

Constant questing, never ending

Seeks to bridge the soul divide.

Freed from greed unleashed desire,

Meditation take us higher;

All the places that we missed

lay awake in seas of grace,

Infinite awareness

higher levels of our shared bliss.

Combinations permutating

as the moon goes waxing by,

Inner nations strained relations

as we wane into the night

the stars ascend to us

embodiment of dust.

Hyperbolic – gods to trust.

Just listen, shake the rust

The inner light will shine.

Cosmic blossom so divine

Within the truth return

Eternal youth to be regained

Living life all one & same

Sonnet 314

 Heavy the clouds that sit over high

Lifted the rain but sky remains gray

Bubbles of thought that come under sway.

Drifting then caught, repressed with a sigh.

Action unfurled, as questions ask why

Tomorrow’s promise flows from today.

Sequences, patterns, all comes that may,

Expressions, impressions, emotional cry.

Separated from nature within

As our planet still slowly does spin.

Not ignorant of her children’s woes,

Seeking to guide a path where light shows

Out of the darkness, into life’s flow.

Remembering, in lak’ech ala k’in.





An Unfolding

Destroy to create,

Forget about fate.

Beyond time lay infinity,

True destiny, so blessed see?

Harnessed power of numbers

Fractal expression come under

Palm of your hand,

World at your command.

Quantum leaps, easy feats,

Once you gain the belief.

Run through the illusion,

Realise inner fusion

Power sustains.

Expand open brains

Watch it pour just like rains

Open arms embraced pain,

Took all negativity,

Saw in it, possibility

The future space race

Galactic pace, grace

What Is

What does it mean to be the wind?

What’s hidden from all within skin?

As shadows blow, my mind enfolds, 

Seeking what’s real from pure feel


What is a thought that’s unseen?

Does it exist outside dreams?

Unless brought to reality, 

It’s just mental fatality.


What is a man but a ghost?

Brought to life, by names in a toast

As he passes though life,

Seeking love after strife.


What is a life without fear?

When love is the thing shining clear.

Savoring every pleasure,

Enjoying life’s treasure.