The Eye That Sees Most, Speaks Least

seated on mountains

where wildly they did play

only ghosts remain

unearthed by moments

lost in time’s rushing current,

sharpened edges fade

standing silently

witnessing the light within

breath catches in awe

dimensions sliding

collapsing into realness

of observation

shifting perspective

infinite in mirror flow

along streaming life

staring into voids

opened in mind’s eye

is blindness overcome

elusive as life,

poetic satisfaction

attained in pure words


Flowing on Emotion.

When it’s late I elevate,

in the ship, I’m flying quick

over trouble, over time.

I craft visions in my mind;

Mental maps, swift planned attacks,

the path we start, heat seeking heart.

Finding murmurs in the haze,

see the face, it’s unafraid.

In the future I’ll still lose her

But the time we shared

is golden,

like flower fields unfolding.

Place the petals on the bed,

wreathed around that lovely head.

It’s just hard to say I care.

Taking shots and missing marks,

Turned around but still saw dark.

Led the water to the horse

but still they change the course.

So I’ll smile all the while,

master games they love to play

‘Cause I know I’ll make my day,

get away, a brand new scape.

Beaming from the clouds

Dreaming on new sounds.

I’m not found, merely unbound.

So you can’t lose me, know it truly.

[Post-Hiatal] Haiku Tuesday

Wow. I wasn’t planning on having such a hiatus from the blog, but hey, the unexpected is what makes life grand, isn’t it? I had an amazing time at Electric Forest, made new friends, reconnected with old and found new inspiration in that magical place. After an up and down week of soul searching and enjoying the holiday, it was back into the grind of another festival, another beautiful few days of music and friends to get my spirits high and focus on the brightness that lay ahead.

So without further ado, I bring you more haiku tuesday:

pretty blue flowers

whisper gently where I sit

staring for hours

gently falling raining

cascading under dark sky

lightning clears my mind

This one from Blitzo, about the chicago blackhawks recent championship

waves of red fabric

ecstasy in purest form

next year we see more

these things we embrace

turn into a blinding vice

where is no escape

waiting for this bliss

when whispers cease to flow, oh

heavenly first kiss

lives ended too soon

visionaries of music

marley morrison