Inside the Cold, I Burn

brawling souls unleashed

projecting inner darkness

into love’s lesson

knowing the nothing

essential clarity

unfolding in waves

detached awareness

suppressing desire, for

art’s pure expression

beyond attraction

false polarity ensues

seeking the untruth

bound in icicles

direct focus maintained by

persistence of will

honor your mind

with simple clarity of thought

provided here, free

houses built of light

beating in time with our heart

as bodies go boom



Unfettered, rising into dawn together,

Outside time, upon lofty feathers.

Crossing paths across bright

Beams of sun off the horizon.

Ignorant of man, in his false command,

Hovering arcs with talons so sharp.

Beauty in motion, swooping apart.

Gathered together, after hitting mark.

Embracing their birth, feasting on earth,

Prouder still then, returning to hens.

Master of nests, flyer never rests. .


Stone Mountains to Concrete Jungles

hidden in tree tops
airy orchestra
vocalising breeze

staring through sunshine
shimmering mirage, her face
breathlessly waiting

stillness of nature
softly reflecting eyes
gazing idly away

thick sticky droplets
dampening eager licking
whisps of carbon dust

gliding through bass beats
muscles tight across her back
waving emotion

between loving streams
interwoven webs tangle
yearning of heart

accepting kindness
gracious hosts invite progress
designing future


Haiku Tuesday Under Heavy Clouds

a distant roaring

ebbing daily as the moon

nightly sheds her light

gliding through midair

momentarily stopping

consuming essence

words catalyzing

outer manifestation

of wishes divine

breaching the mirror

displays only reflections

of past silhouettes

thundering ego

seeks satisfaction

repressing lightness

lightspeed warmth flowing

coronal mass ejection

through distant vacuum

winds blowing stronger

across darkening night skies

inner storms howling

Haiku Tuesday [Autumn Breeze Edition]

chill grows the air

blowing over rolling hills

under autumn sky

caught beneath the stare

millions of miles away

reflecting energy

clear the sky may be

but visions past & future

cloud the future’s path

seated, unmoving

recalling those ancient hills

over which he once reigned

propelled by sunset

caught upon old zephyr’s breath

gently swaying pines

beneath the sunset

diving through unseen currents

gold flecked wings of black


Haiku Tuesday [California Dreaming Edition]

Please pardon the hiatus, I’ve been vacationing & exploring the great state of California and haven’t had computer access. The time here has been quite inspirational and this shall be the first of many works inspired by this trip. So without further ado, here we go…


leaky faucets drip

ebbing away secrets, meant

to be held by love

floating through midair

hawk gazing from lofty heights

dispensing wisdom

adventures beyond

accustomed comfort

to new horizons

fading into night’s

embrace of silent beauty

laying by my side

a new day begins

expanding our horizons

into bright future

advantage awaits

those minds which surrender to

the power of love

reality blurred

not by blindness but rather

clear inner vision

situations change

even when action does not

steadfastness prevails


opening new frontiers through


footfalls echoing

across a glassy canvas

shifting sands of time

bountiful treasures

hidden within webs laying

quiet, undisturbed

gaily rising sun

dispelling chilly night air

as I gently sway


& The Rain Falls Gently

Words written by a butterfly, beauty in simplicity.

“I sit before flowers

hoping they will train me in the art

of opening up.

I stand upon mountaintops believing

that avalanches will teach me

to let go.

I know


But I am here to learn.”

You’re only a poet if you show it

Mixing words with your verbs

Twisted all up with herbs.

Smiling high on them feet.

Eating cheese on the street

Spreading love through the beat

Of a sound so profound

Of abundance, be proud.

I look inward, not knowing

what I will find.

Waiting for something to emerge

that I may stand behind.

We need no shelter from the storm,

only a vessel that can traverse the form.