Inner Environs

Our minds elevated, we waited,

past the seas of old confusion

through the season, evolution.

Shouting out our name,

in victory proclaimed.

The spirit warrior within us,

the beauty hidden beneath us.

Where rivers flow with gold,

where dreams finally unfold.

A kingdom of release

past fear, past doubt,

in peace.

Cathedrals of glass

interstellar mass

drifting in aether,


beneath her.

Bundled in clouds,

swaddled & proud.

The loving, a ground,

floored with wisdom of jewels,

in sacred realms.



Diatribe of the Fallen Knight

Found this cleaning out an old storage container. Not sure when it was written but it clearly came from a dark place.

The final campaign began some time ago

The foe outside was fierce
but the one within was like fire.

Ruthless the fighting when it commenced,

more painful still the moments between.

For weeks much more than blood was shed,

casualties piled over hills and into the sky

as tears flowed ever and continue still.

But the final play once begun,

must soon draw to a close.

All lost for the one side,

Darkness thriving on the other.

Alone now is the last warriorpreparing within for the end.

“May this sword swiftly release

my life as it has many others.

May the spirit inside escape quickly,

but not with the speed of cowardice.”

The enemy approaches from every angle,

“May the world after bring peace to

this much endured I depart, leaving love behind,

wondering why it failed to conquer hate.”

The sun dips low as shadows wrap around the horizon,

In silence. He falls.


Starting with my favourite mantra, let’s see where it takes us today…

Stop, breathe, believe

What’s in your mind to achieve

Mostly just needs belief.

When the chaos surrounds

and the worlds’s upside down

Just imagine the place

Of pure centered space.

Focused, the mind sees

Past untruths and falsities.

In tune with that grace,

I find on her face.

Causality becomes casualty

Infinite loops spinning by.

When time’s not a line,

Our memories entwine

Sensing light from afar

As we glide way past Mars.

Haiku Tues pt.2

butterfly dancing

swaying gently in a breeze

whispers in his ear.

deep inside those eyes

emotion stands out clearly

seen for the first time

confused about life

unsure of where to go next

seek stillness within

wrapped in this moment

moving through 4 dimensions

hearts beating as one

sunlight streaming bright

through thinly shaded windows

day begins anew

approaching the core

rapture only dreamed of, in

that joyous embrace