Day 3: Cyhydedd Fer

                    – Up On Ocean

Vast, open, alone, filled with pain

Full memories held for no gain

From burdens which dampen true light

Onward, now rushing, into fights

To remove insecurity

Quest in a life of purity

Outer illusions, always steal,

Fighting for truth, but is it real?

Heed no call but that from within.

Set course true, don’t follow wind

Devising each ladder to climb

Expanding in reach through all time

To glimpse paths past polarity,

Left in moment’s celerity.


Haiku Tuesday Anger Edition

So our contributor Amesterdamster is having a bad day. Therefore we are channeling the darkness inside, mindful that it is this aspect of us all which drives us to seek the light ever more strongly. We open with her words today:

too many questions

I hate your stupid face

leave my head alone

popping a neck vein

enraged by silly actions

made by foolish folk

wasting precious time

waiting for answers where there

are none to be found

denying the past

seems the wiser choice when we

embrace the future

words said in anger

do not always burn bridges

rather, they mend hearts

fire of my soul

burns all the brighter today

fueled by your loving

days spent in dark rooms

regretful of past action

deny the future

Not Always Pretty

Sometimes I like to imagine

Just for the sake of my pleasure

The sight of your face in a blender,

While you writhe on the ground,

Broken and bleeding like prey,

Stuck in the mouth of a lion,

While I sit there laughing,

With crowbar in hand

And a smile on my face. 

It’s not so much caused by hate,

But more a failure to relate.

The thing we can’t share is space,

My actions won’t follow command.

So I’ll sit here absently crafting,

Your demise some day when I fly in,

Dismissing the words that you pray

When that knee’s bent the wrong way around,

Twisted like some car’s wrecked fender.

Made thus as a point of my leisure.