Day 14: Nocturna

Laying awake in the darkness alone

Beneath a sky blanketed bright by stars

Travelling light over such distance thrown

To dance across vision, stories unfold.

Beasts eyeing queens nearby hunters with scars

Young maidens enchained, seek those heroes bold

Saying how goes, as above so below.

The places we know, the faces were ours

Fading now softly in low eastern glow


Aubade Acrostic

Day One of the 2015 A to Z Challenge

An pair of sonnets, in Alfred Dorn & Arabic form:

morning —

Every time that light climbs up, to lie,

Drifting o’er the rosy horizon,

Peeping through the window of my room

A stir, feeling around there, to here, I sighed

at the pillow, not to arise then

Rather to dive deep into the bloom

lapsing lucidly between dreams, sweet,

where not alone, I am, in these sheets.

Taking flight throughout all space sans time

Mounted so oft upon elephant

Through universes far, near and wide

Created, merkabah, propellant

Gliding along ways seeking her side,

Opened eyes, materialise, in essence

                                                      abstract —

Above all causes of expression

Beyond the most distant dimension

Staring into dawn of ascension

Tearing down opposite dissension

Realising the forest from leaves

Amid high mountains twisting the breeze

Collapsing energetic waves freeze

Time, as it collapses and he sees

Illusions set forth from within deep

Octaves of perception, whence they creep

Not aware of stillness, lost to sleep,

Into reality seeking light

Spreading darkness, to their own delight

Trying to extinguish one so bright

Day 19: Sleep, A Sonnet

Keeper of most secret desire

Most elusive mistress of the night

Last solace and protector of light

Away from the evil eye of ire.

Comfort is found when dead tired

The place most hope to be free of fight

A realm where one ought feel their own might

Where safely burns the inner fire.

Oh to be there free, safe and dreaming,

Away from thoughts in my head screaming,

Keeping me up through cold winter chill

Always awake, save escape in pills,

Dulling the mind, so I choose to spend

Time laying asleep or so seeming


Day 13: My Muse

I seem to have fallen a day behind but that’s what sundays are for. Or perhaps another post this evening. So we press on.

The source of inspiration

A sound like hearts beating.

Ephemeral and fleeting

She comes to my ear,

Whispering the words

Long strings of verbs

Translations of subconscious thought.

Together we’ve fought

Through times of doubt

As pages scream out in vain.

She comes in my dreams

To mend all the seams

Weaving ideas into matter.

I’ll never know why she does

I’ll assume it’s plain love

Piped in from above

To keep me growing

Hoping by showing


We’ll be free to live

As is pleasing.