Among the Sounds, Haiku

pressing onward, love

reaches out, leading us up

higher vibration

high upon mountains

thoughts screaming into the breeze

echo upon air

sparkling in twilight

revealing inner beauty

eyes before me dance

waves cascade crisply

lifting our essence higher

together, as one

in simple presence

carried emotion pulses,

words fail to explain

under falling skies

hearts along a path converge

stirring embers within

in service to self

no virtue harder attained

practiced detachment


an effortless stroke defers

masterful action


Occurring in Orbitals

passing galaxies

relatively distant, yet

utterly mingled

in new foreign homes

outside casings of cocoons

seeking expression


vortices spiralling down

dually reflecting

feelings of hurt, rent

as scraps, burned beneath feet

gliding over hertz

enlightened in joy

wicked away by awakening

thieves’ weary whispering

lowering the ego

casting shadow upon acts

faultless in virtue

constructed courses

interfering together

to create new growth

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 00.08.13

Haiku Tuesday [oh no he didnt]

and now for something completely different… a foul mouthed round of 17:

i said eat it bitch

awaiting the slap to come

‘cross my dirty mouth

and back to the regular schedule;

fading into night

embraced by silent beauty

laying by my side

spatter pop fizzle

drizzle crack griddle flip flop

oh joys of breakfast

rolling tossing turned

around the world in a night

flight across the bed

eyes belie the smile

hidden behind her shoulder

candlelight flickers

smiles bursting in ink


excited to be


Haiku Tuesday [Blue Moon Edition]

laughter in my ears

cascading off these stone walls

sunday afternoon

fire burning slow

fueling conversation with

a being from space

joyful abundance

sharing experiences

among our loved ones

hidden in plain view

showing us a better way

the superheroes

journey not taken

nonetheless shared together

godspeed blessed ones

embracing daylight

breaking over ocean waves

serenity now

lasting images

her smiling face before mine

our last farewell

Haiku Tuesday (Forming Figments)

curling strand of hair

falls across her face, gently

speaking to my soul

morning light drifing

through singing birds in dark trees

signs of a new day

forged in summers heat

connections for life made of

eternal sunshine

deft the painters stroke

sweeping across his canvas

creating new worlds

glimmers of faces

outside recognition to

visions of past lives

jellyfish wishes

it could float through the air, as

propelled by bubbles

Haiku Tuesday

standing silently

feeling vibrations within

the stillness of peace

hidden in nothingness

what wondrous beauty lay here

o hopeful canvas

gently arched forward

into the fading sunset

flowers in the breeze

caught in an updraft

shadow whispers over sand

slipping into blue

shining inner light

weaving invisible threads

out of the darkness

conjured images

arising from every stroke

deftly moving hands






We open today with a pair from my friend Amesterdamester

rise, fall, carry on

sinking, rising, setting, born

op’n up, reach out, fly

gazing steadily

upon golden dawn, toward

what you will awaken

here among our friends

basking in morning rays, free

we make no amends

warmth emanating

from words on the page, wishing

they were much closer

caught in the moment

embracing each other in

early morning warmth

Haiku Tuesday