Meaning of the Void

masked by wording

drawn over reality,

illusions prevail

influencing bliss

counterintuitive hits

cast doubt on feeling

in memoriam

extrapolating blueprints

defining life’s plan

beyond the knowing

in blindness of faith’s bosom

awakening truth

spreading myths of man

imprisoning hidden truth

as one, we are gods

inner existence

circles propagating squares

expanded outward

delivered from reality

by mind’s infinite vision

the soul wanders free


Sonnet 314

 Heavy the clouds that sit over high

Lifted the rain but sky remains gray

Bubbles of thought that come under sway.

Drifting then caught, repressed with a sigh.

Action unfurled, as questions ask why

Tomorrow’s promise flows from today.

Sequences, patterns, all comes that may,

Expressions, impressions, emotional cry.

Separated from nature within

As our planet still slowly does spin.

Not ignorant of her children’s woes,

Seeking to guide a path where light shows

Out of the darkness, into life’s flow.

Remembering, in lak’ech ala k’in.





Night Deepens, Into Dawn

night rolls on slowly
wondering at this darkness
reflecting within

flower upon sound
caught in sensual swirling
eyes open revealed
devouring night
serpents of flame lick wildly
across the damp chill

joy upon faces
gathered in merriment
freely existing

muscles clenched tightly
yet fluid in motion
as heart dances free

harmony pervades when
our hearts sing their tune

Haiku Tuesday Seeking Solace Edition

arising each day

seeking your tender smile

echoing my heart

seated below shade

gazing idly at shadows

a world comes to life

lacking in body

radiance clearly present

shining as water

the mendicant priest

through awareness of presence

showers his blessings

a temple of love

crafted by our souls

dancing in the light

delicate fingers

sliding along rosewood frets

beauty ringing clear


On a night such as this with the vibes flowing free,

When I’m sittin with my peeps & we on that liberty.

Serving up the peace while we rollin down the street,

Secretly excreting while preceding through the things…

TING TING alarms set while we become alert.

Splish splash the words we write, the things we like to blurt.

I am aware. I promise this. Integrity is key.

I speak the truth my lesson learned, to be.

While I’m sittin on the twos & threes,

Eating my favorite jellys & jujubees

Om nom nom in my face like we silly,

All over this room with our David Hillbilly.

Sittin there proud with a smoke in hand

Makin quick jokes as I work on my command.

Smiling on repeat with feet in my hand,

Tickle tickle magical la la land