Day 18: Regret

I’ll never say I’m sorry

It would only be a lie

A hollow line for peace of mind

To stop your streaming tears.

In action I was flawed

Of hurt you took the brunt.

But to apologise

To make you smile

Would kill me deep inside.

I won’t suffer the blame

For a game we both played.

What we did was right

The shame, you left that night.

As I alone, was left in cold,

Both far away from home.




Soul Sonnet

Hidden deep within each of us
A part which ought to be so pure,
Magical, spellbinding allure.
Cosmic in view, given on trust,
Experience driven, it must
Be the light which called on leads sure
Along the path, that we endure.
Outside of time, sacred stardust,
Freed from the sin, weighing young hearts.
Chased by evil ones without care,
Who relish in stopping new starts.
Abused til it can only stare,
Bottled, throttled, not safe in smarts.
Oh when will it truly be free?

Dream Flow

With a beat in my head, words bounce off the page. Maybe insane, but sometimes most sage.  A streaming piece of consciousness live and unfiltered.

Running out of time spent up on the line

While they’re sleeping in dreamland.
Mind awake my body shakes ,

Can’t escape the feeling it’s not real.
Reality dripping at the seams

or maybe it’s Jim Beam.

Anyone to stop the the voice that screams,

anything I drop between these sheets,

falls in emotion,  magic potion,

tell no lie, I already died.

Now I’m trapped in the commotion,

Outside life, hidden strife,

where the struggle is the ocean.

So deep & blue, like me & you,

but we’re drowning, now apart when

frowning hearts, after dark

in the shadows where we reign.

Now the memory is all pain.

Can’t just force it, I adored this.

Now I’m coming out the tunnel,

it’s got me running double,

But you swore this, what part did I miss?

When the love that made us strong

has us both wrong. Crying O lord,

it’s a vacuum of the truth.

Mixing models, tripping bottles

like a whore’s bliss.

Endless conquest.